16 oz Valhalla Java Klean Kanteen 2017 edition


The 2017 Valhalla Java Klean Kanteen is a vacuum insulated travel mug that does triple-duty as a mug, a thermos, and a bottle. Pour your Valhalla Java into a coffee bottle Odin would be proud of!

  • Beverages stay hot up to 6 hours. (What sort of sorcery is this?!)
  • Iced drinks stay frosty for more than 24 hours.
  • A battle-ready coffee bottle with durable, double-walled construction and vacuum insulation.
  • The stainless steel won’t retain or impart flavors; go from coffee to lemonade without a lingering taste.
  • Café Lid is super leak-proof and to-go friendly.
  • Drink more delicious Valhalla Java in one go with this whopping 16-ounce coffee bottle.
  • 8.2" Height x 3.0" Width 

Ride to Valhalla … or to work … without worrying about spilling your coffee.

Journey to lands beyond without spills with our Valhalla Java reusable coffee cup with lid. Its leak-proof Café Cap converts the canteen into a splashproof to-go mug ready to hold your most precious brew. The slim design is compatible with most cup holders. The 100% stainless steel interior and rounded corners make the bottle easy to clean.

The Vikings had secret steel-folding technologies they would use to turn their swords into the ultimate weapons, the most powerful and feared swords of their time! We don’t know how Klean Kanteen creates their seemingly magical, vacuum-insulated, heat-trapping stainless steel travel mugs of awesomeness, but we do know that having hot coffee with you at nearly all times is the ultimate way to start your day and make you feel like a much more prepared warrior.

When consuming Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend, some of our customers prefer todrink the smooth, strong blend in a very strange way: taking a tiny sip of the beverage and then running around in chaotic, tornado-creating circles for hours on end. If this is how you choose to enjoy your caffeine, keep our delicious coffee in this coffee bottle so that it will stay hot for longer. Then, you can run around proving that you’re worthy for the Valkyries to take to Valhalla in whatever way you deem most effective.

Buy our Odinforce Blend reusable coffee cup with lid online and become a warrior worthy of Valhalla!

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