Lady Liberty 2019 Mug


Lady Liberty 2019 Deneen Pottery Mug 

Lady Liberty is a symbol of acceptance, hope, and inspiration for all of us. She stands tall as a reminder to lend a hand to others, build strong communities, and to talk to our neighbors over a cup of coffee — and that's exactly why we decided to put her on a mug. 

She's illustrated with the torch and crown while her face and arm are replaced by a skeleton to show the mortality and fragility of freedom that we often take for granted. Together, let’s raise our mugs in unity in celebration of each other and this great land we call home.

Full mug details: 

  • Holds 16+ ounces of coffee
  • In Deneen Pottery's straight tankard style
  • Has a mint and cinnamon and white glaze, matching the real color of the Statue of Liberty

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