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The Best Travel Coffee Mug for the Best Coffee
The Best Travel Coffee Mug for the Best Coffee
The Best Travel Coffee Mug for the Best Coffee

The Best Travel Coffee Mug for the Best Coffee



Now in matte black!

The amazingly versatile Klean Kanteen is the best coffee thermos for keeping our premium blend of Death Wish coffee hot all day.

  • The vacuum insulation keeps Death Wish coffee hot for up to six hours or iced coffee cold for more than 24 hours.
  • It’s not only the best travel coffee mug; it also doubles as a thermos or bottle.
  • Spills are for the pride-less! The Klean Kanteen mug comes with a leak-proof Café Cap that seals in liquids.
  • It’s durable, with double-walled construction. If it’s empty, try not to throw it too hard.
  • Its slim design fits into most cup-holders while still being a sizable 16-oz. travel mug.
  • There’s no lingering aftertaste due to the 100% stainless steel interior, which is easy to clean because of its rounded corners.

Our stainless steel travel coffee cup is reusable and will actually keep your drink hot so that you can spend less time on spills and sad, room-temperature coffee and more time on conquering your day!

A Better Thermos for Savoring Your Coffee

Put Death Wish Coffee into a Death Wish coffee travel mug and what do you get? Well, that depends on you: that new job? The entire week’s worth of work done? The moon? When you don’t have to rush through drinking our delicious, bold roast of selected premium beans blended into the strongest coffee ever and actually take the time to savor each smooth sip, anything seems possible! Our coffee was meant to be slowly consumed and enjoyed. When you have the best coffee thermos at your disposal, you can feel free to take your time to relish every single flavor.

Take Death Wish Coffee on the Go

Puny, Earth-destroying Styrofoam cups are not worthy of a death-defier’s hands! Harness the magic of science with an environmentally friendly, vacuum-insulated coffee mug. You can throw your Klean Kanteen traveling coffee mug into your bag or carry it around all day without worrying about spills and leaks. Also, the power of easily cleaned stainless steel allows you to go from lattés to lemonade with no lingering tastes.

When you’re trying to take in the world’s strongest coffee while on the move, go with a canteen worthy of the name. Buy our best travel coffee mug online as a gift or to bring with you on your own adventures today!

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