Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast Test Batch #1221

Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast Test Batch #1221


A Lighter Shade of Bold

We've been busy testing different types of Medium Roasts that delivers a bold, strong punch to fuel you wherever you go.

Grown at higher altitudes for a complex flavor profile, this roast brews a cup that's as bold as you are. A shade or two lighter than our OG blend, these beans contain the cult-classic caffeine levels to function, in the unfortunate circumstance of being awake.

Disclaimer: This product is available in ground and only available for the first 250 that complete their order. It's also 100% free. 

What’s the catch? There is none, but, we want to get your opinion on the new blend. So we will ask you a few questions after you try it. We’d also love to get feedback from people who have never tried Death Wish Coffee too.

So, we ask that if you get a bag, you also encourage a friend to claim a free bag of coffee by sharing a link with them. (You’ll get that link via email after you complete your order.)

Limit of one bag per customer.