Death Wish Coffee On-the-Go Kit

Death Wish Coffee On-the-Go Kit


Say goodbye to crappy coffee 

Taking a road trip is no excuse for drinking sh*tty gas station coffee, or *gasps* no coffee at all. Hence why we created this on-the-go coffee kit: it's perfect fuel for weekend camping trips, hiking adventures, or little pick-me-up picnics. No matter where the adventure of life takes you, this portable coffee kit will keep you caffeinated and ready to face the day.

Each kit comes with: 

  • An 8-pack box of Death Wish Instant Coffee with the capability to brew anywhere—just add hot water
  • 2 enamel mugs
  • A canvas bag

Full product details: 

  • Each instant coffee stick 
  • Products cannot be sold separately
  • Brew instantly with 8 ounces* of hot water or milk at 170-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Each packet contains 4.9 g of instant high-caffeine coffee that packs 300 mg of caffeine to give you the pick-me-up you need
  • To brew Death Wish Instant Coffee, simply open the pouch, pour, and add 8 ounces of water or milk
  • Death Wish Instant Coffee is USDA Certified Organic 

Get the most out of your On-the-Go Kit with a Death Wish Coffee Gooseneck Kettle, available here.

*This kit contains instant coffee packet. 8 ounces of water/milk recommended for best taste.