Owner / Creator


Hi! I’m Mike, for the past 7 years I’ve made my living in the coffee biz. After owning and working at a small coffee house in Saratoga Springs, I knew my love for coffee wasn’t going to end in a little shop, it was just the beginning. I created Death Wish Coffee because I wanted to bring something new and powerful to the coffee world. I’m excited to share this blend with everyone. Starting Death Wish Coffee has been a blast and I can’t wait to see what the future of the world’s strongest coffee holds. My favorite color is red, I drink my coffee black and I love to read early in the morning.


Research & Development

Hi! I'm John. My responsibilities include the research and development of the coffee blends, merchandise, and single serve lines, sales, and social media. In my spare time I enjoy golf and fishing. I am married, have four beautiful children, and three crazy dogs. I bestowed the toilet paper dispenser key upon Kane Bear. During our epic brainstorming sessions we enjoy drinking copious amounts of coffee, throwing footballs, and flying helicopters in the field across from the warehouse. My favorite color is blue, I am a Buffalo Bill and Buffalo Sabres fan, and most importantly...I drink my coffee BLACK.


Production Manager

Hello. I am the production and shipping manager at Death Wish Coffee Co. I work closely with our suppliers and warehouse to ensure that our customers receive fresh coffee as quickly as possible. I also manage our domestic and international Amazon lines, and handle the customer service associated with those platforms. In my off time, I read a bunch of books and play some rad sparkly drums. I can do twenty push-ups in a row.


Coffee, Marketing, Shipping

Hey, hey! I’m Teah. I've been with Death Wish since September '13, and in coffee for six years. Chemex is my preferred method of brew, but I'm a sucker for espresso out of a naked portafilter. Do you read the newsletter or the blog? Those are some of my favorite things to do here, so stay tuned!  I'm in charge of spreading the Death Wish Coffee word. In my free time, you could find me on a trail with my pup, Sadie, or covering everything in sight with guacamole.


Customer Service / Advertising & Marketing / Analytics 

Hiya! My name is Kane and some people call me Kane Bear. Most people say I have a really big head but I'd like to think it works my neck out without having to go to the gym. I handle a lot of things here at DWCC. For one, when things go wrong, I usually get the blame. When things go right, someone else gets the credit and it makes their day! I handle most of the customer service questions and a lot of the marketing and advertising inquiries. I also am the key holder to the toilet paper dispenser. Yay me! In my free time I produce funky fresh beats and write cheesy, sappy love songs about my failed relationships in middle and Jr. High School.