Please fill out the following:

Mad with the Libs

Coffee was discovered by , who was a from .

"", said , this coffee sure makes me feel .

To make coffee, you need to take a handful of and them up and place in a filter.

Then you heat some until it boils and it over the filter, making sure the gas is released.

If you made the coffee right, you should have enough for cups.

People like coffee to taste like , but they also like the caffeine.

Before I have my coffee, I feel and , and you wouldn't want to be around me.

But after I have my coffee, I feel like dollars, a wild , and ready to all day shouting "" at the top of my lungs!

I usually have coffees a day, but I've been known to drink a few more.

Coffee fules me to work hard as a , and even hides my secret identity as the superhero, The , the caffeinated champion of .