NASCAR stock car with Death Wish branding

5:20: 32nd is our finishing place. Thanks for tuning in! 

4:58: Ty still maintaining in 32nd.

Steady in 32nd place. 89 laps to go.

4:35: 32nd place

4:31:Back in 30th place. 124 laps to go.

4:29 Ty up three spots for 27th place! 

4:19: Ty is gaining on Larson #42 for 29th place. Stay tuned. 

4:17PM: Ty making his way up, passing Patrick (#10) for 30th.

4:12PM: Ty Dillon steady at 31st. 233/400 laps completed.

3:55PM: Ty up to 31st in lap 203.

3:50PM: Back to 33rd place in tbe 194th lap. 206 laps to go!

3:38PM: In the 180th lap, Ty is ahead one place from the last update at 32nd. His brother Austin coming in strong at 6th.

3:23PM: After a quick pitstop at the 144th lap, Ty down to 33rd.

3:13PM: Lap 119 of 400, Ty Dillon is now in 28th.

2:58PM: In the 98th lap out of 400. #95 steadily moving up the line, now in 29th.

2:52PM: Ty up to #30! Tag a pic of your TV of the #95 DWCC car with #fueledbydeath and #monstermile on Twitter and Instagram. Best pic wins a pound of Death Wish Coffee! 

2:41PM: Ty moving on up, now in 31st. His pit crew is moving at lightening speed. Raise your mugs to them ☕

2:21PM: They're off! Currently in 35th, we've got an exciting race ahead. Don't forget to check out our Instagram Story for exclusive live pics!

UPDATE 2PM: The race is about to kick off! Team Death Wish is here rooting for the #95, Ty Dillon. Let's do this!


Death Wish will be the primary sponsor on the #95 car driven by Ty Dillon in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the Dover International Speedway on October 2. The Death Wish Coffee team will be there throughout the weekend to cheer Ty on.

"Earlier this year, a few of us from Death Wish Coffee were graciously given a tour of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlottine, by our good friend Riki Rachtman." Teah reflects on Death Wish Coffee owner Mike's growing interest in NASCAR through our friends and fans in the racing community. You can read more about our introduction with NASCAR and Ty Dillon here

Our team member Alyssa got a chance to sit down with Ty to discuss what fuels his passions. "I drink a lot of coffee. My wife and I make a pot every morning." 

In the interview, Alyssa learns some exciting and personal details from Ty's own beginnings with racing: "Ty didn’t always know if racing was the life for him. It wasn’t until he sat behind the wheel 11-years-ago, that, as he puts it, “whatever is in my blood clicked.” Since then he has dedicated his life to becoming one of the fastest and most well-liked drivers on the track." 

You can read more from the interview with Ty Dillon and his background in racing here.

Stay tuned for more information on all things NASCAR!