A group of Death Wish employees


Every day Mike Brown would drag himself out of bed to open his small coffee shop, Saratoga Coffee Traders, in Saratoga Springs, NY. His customers would demand the strongest coffee he had to help them through their days. Mike would always offer them the darkest roast he had, but knew that this may not be the most caffeinated coffee because dark roast coffee contains less caffeine then their lighter roasted counterparts.

“What is the strongest coffee in the world?” Michael thought.

After some searching, nothing presented itself.

“Time to create the world’s strongest coffee.”

After countless weeks of late nights, early mornings, cupping, testing and tasting he finally discovered the perfect blend of beans. DEATH WISH COFFEE “The World’s Strongest Coffee”.

Knowing he had something special. Mike assembled a small team of dedicated workers to help him bring this blend to the world. We have been working tirelessly to get the word out.

Some people have called us irresponsible for making coffee this strong. We think that it is revolutionary. We love our jobs, we love our customers and we love this coffee!

If you want to know more about the great people behind your favourite coffee, check out our team!