Odinforce comic book series

The Legend of Odin Force

In 2015, Death Wish Coffee Company became the smallest company ever to have a commercial in the Super Bowl after winning the Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Big Game competition. That commercial followed a mighty band of Vikings navigating their ship through a storm and over a waterfall. But we wanted to know what happened next. So we enlisted the creative superpowers of comic book writer Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Silver Surfer), and comic book artist Rick Leonardi (Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men) to tell the tale and legendary comic book artist Joe Jusko painted epic covers for the issues.

Issue 1 - Odinforce

The Viking Halfdan and his crew survive going over a waterfall after their ship is destroyed, only to find themselves at the start of a quest deep within the realm of Valhalla. Odin, the All-Father, has lost his Odinforce, and the band of Vikings is tasked to find it and return it to him. Fantastic beasts and epic battles await in the pages of this premier issue, as Halfdan races to restore Odin to full power while the trickster of Asgard waits in the shadows. Will they succeed?

Issue 2 - Curse of the Yeti

After the events of the first issue, Halfdan and his Vikings have a new ship and find themselves on distant shores. They meet up with the wise Father Zakk who tells them his village is plagued by a mysterious beast that is slaughtering his people. Halfdan knows Zakk from past adventures and agrees to help him hunt and kill the beast, the great Yeti living high in the mountains. The path is filled with peril and Halfdan must face the beast alone, even as there seems to be something else foul in the air. Special guest appearance by guitarist Zakk Wylde!

Issue 3 - Riddle of the Reaper

On yet another adventure, the Viking crew and Halfdan encounter a terrifying creature of the deep. Those that survive are washed up on the shores of a mysterious land, and meet with someone they thought long since dead. The crew must then match wits with the only one who holds power over life itself, the Harvester of Souls himself. Can Halfdan triumph against Death? What do these revelations mean for the crew?
Piece one of strip
Piece two of strip
Piece three of strip
Piece four of strip

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