It’s time for us to rally together to pick up the pieces of our community. New York has been hit the hardest, and right now, we need to turn to each other — to lend a socially-distant hand, to provide support in any way we can, and to show what it truly means to be a community. 

Saratoga Springs, NY is our home, and its foundation is cracked. Small businesses are temporarily closed, leaving bartenders, servers, tattoo artists, hair dressers, and thousands more suddenly out of work. It’s time for us to step up and take care of the people who take care of us.  

As part of our Broke, Not Busted T-shirt campaign, we want to give away $20,000 to those nominated by you. Is there a local business, restaurant, or establishment that won’t reopen after this? Are there people in your community that are especially hurting? We want to hear from you — use the link below to nominate someone, and join us to continue to make an impact for our communities.