Rebels with Causes

We lead with an alternative point of view, providing bold, smooth cups of coffee to our people. We find fresh ways to enjoy coffee, and we foster community along the way. Disrupting the status quo interests us, so we create edgy, sarcastic content. We live to rebel against blah beans—and a boring, lackluster life.

Our History


The Creation

Mike Brown brings his idea for Death Wish Coffee to life, creating the recipe + roasting process.


Good Morning America

"Good Morning America" airs a segment on Death Wish Coffee and introduces us to thousands of people.


Super Bowl 50 Ad Airs

We became the smallest company to run a commercial during Super Bowl 50, exposing 167 million viewers to Death Wish Coffee.


Caffeinated the Universe

With the help of NASA Food Labs, Death Wish Coffee developed an instant freeze-dried blend of its coffee to fuel the astronauts on the International Space Station.


Historic Homecomings

Death Wish Coffee headquarters moves to historic building from 1889 in Saratoga Springs, NY—the location of our original coffee shop.


Wanna join the team that actually has fun when they work? And did we mention we’ll provide all the coffee that you can drink?