Rebels with Causes

We lead with an alternative point of view, providing bold cups of the World’s Strongest Coffee to our people. We find fresh ways to enjoy coffee, and we foster community along the way. Disrupting the status quo interests us, so we create edgy, sarcastic content. We live to rebel against blah beans—and a boring, lackluster life.

Our History


The Creation

Mike Brown brings his idea for the World’s Strongest Coffee to life, creating the recipe + roasting process for Death Wish Coffee.


Good Morning America

The country was introduced to Death Wish Coffee and orders took off after “Good Morning America” covered the World’s Strongest Coffee.


Super Bowl Ad Airs

DWC became the smallest company to run a commercial during Super Bowl 50, exposing 167 million viewers to the World’s Strongest Coffee.


Caffeinated the Universe

With the help of NASA Food Labs, Death Wish Coffee developed an instant freeze-dried blend of its coffee to fuel the astronauts on the International Space Station.


Historic Homecomings

DWC headquarters moves to historic building from 1889 in Saratoga Springs, NY—the location of our original coffee shop.


Meet Medium Roast

Death Wish Coffee unleashes the medium roast blend, providing the people with a lighter shade of bold.

Team + Culture

We’re nothing without our people. We grind together as a team—and as coffee drinkers—to come up with the World’s Strongest Ideas. We stand for excellence, passion and a determination to get sh*t done. We put our people first (even before coffee) and every team member is empowered to innovate, collaborate and be themselves. We know to keep it simple so success is inevitable.

Friends with Benefits

All full-time DWC team members enjoy the following perks:

Health and Wellness
Comprehensive insurance—medical, vision, dental, and life insurance, plus matching 401(k) and gym/fitness reimbursement options.
Get Your Fix
Free monthly coffee selections on any roast + half off all DWC merch.
Take a Holiday
Celebrate your birthday and our 10 company designated holidays how you like—and get paid for it.
Get Away
Life happens beyond work and we celebrate this. We offer PTO to employees to use when they please.
Eligible employees can work from the office, home, or remotely across the country. Everyone thrives in different environments and—Flex to Death lets us work efficiently as a team of bold souls.
Thinking Wednesday
One Wednesday a quarter with no meetings, no calls, no reporting required – an uninterrupted day to think.
DWC Gives Back
There are no perks without purpose—we give back as a team and care about the causes that you support.
Paid Parental Leave
20 weeks of 100% base pay for birthing mothers. 12 weeks of 100% base pay for employees welcoming a child via birth, surrogacy, adoption, or foster placement.


Where we grind: DWC headquarters is located in Saratoga Springs, NY.  

Built in 1889, our office is in a historic building with architecture inspired by the ancient city of Pompeii that was destroyed by a volcano in 79 A.D. Sick columns, right? 

Want a new tee shirt and maybe a new friend? Also located in our office headquarters is The Society of Strong Coffee—an experiential space to shop, to come together as a community and to caffeinate.


Want to see how we grind—literally? Just down the road from our headquarters, our warehouse is where the magic happens.  

The true heroes of DWC, our 23 full-time warehouse employees make sure that your order is always perfect—down to every bean. Watch them roast, grind and bag the World’s Strongest Coffee. 

Feeling curious about the process? We offer coffee cuppings for small groups from time to time. 


Wanna join the team that actually has fun when they work? And did we mention we’ll provide all the coffee that you can drink?