Why did a state employee create the World’s Strongest Coffee?

Creating the World's Strongest Coffee
When Mike Brown didn’t want to be an accountant anymore, he bought a coffee shop. When he needed to supplement his income to pay for the coffee shop rent, he thought of his exhausted morning customers. They needed a bigger jolt, a better morning pick-me-up, and a stronger brew — and that’s exactly what he gave them. After a year of testing, tasting, and experimenting, the world’s strongest coffee was born in a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, New York.
The first order came through his Comic Sans-filled website in 2011. Mike then ran to Staples to piece together packaging, cutting a makeshift logo out of a sticker with an exacto knife. Now, it’s the best-selling coffee on Amazon.


Consider yourself warned

This is not your regular morning coffee. Death Wish Coffee uses the perfect blend of beans and a unique roasting process to give you 200 percent more caffeine in your morning cup of coffee than your average roast. So when we say “world’s strongest coffee,” we mean it. Say goodbye to grogginess and hello to super-caffeination.


The Denver Broncos aren’t the only winners of Super Bowl 50

Everyone knows the commercials are best part of the Super Bowl (I guess the game can be exciting, too). In 2015, we won a 30-second Super Bowl commercial through Intuit’s ‘Small Business Big Game’ contest –– a vote-based contest, beating out 15,000 other incredible small businesses.
When it aired during Super Bowl 50, everything changed.  We instantly reached millions of people and introduced them to Death Wish Coffee, Mike Brown was named the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year for Emerging Business in New York, and our community and company have been growing ever since. 





100% money-back guarantee. 

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