DWC Brews Up A New Website

By Megan Dority — / The Biz

To better serve our loyal caffeinds, we brewed up a new website, spawning an online experience as bold and iconic as our coffee. We wanted to give our customers the same high from e-commerce as they get from our coffee beans, so we grinded away for well over a year to bring you a new and improved website. 

It was a project that had been on our radar for a long time. “I've been with Death Wish Coffee for 6 years now. We have had the same site for those 6 years, constantly fixing problems with band-aids or adding apps to try and make our customer experience the best we could, with the resources and team we had at the time. We finally were able to take this thing into surgery and get it fixed up right.” — Thomas Dragonette, Senior Art Director

And getting it right is exactly what our highly caffeinated team was dead set on doing.  

A screenshot of Death Wish Coffee website featuring the Shop Coffee page.

While the entire planet paused during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, our team pivoted. The silver lining to designing a website while running a coffee company during 2020?  We were able to learn even more about our community needs—to troubleshoot and streamline online shopping, shipping and customer care during the middle of a literal nightmare. The mission was crystal clear: Create a site that somehow measures up to the insanely high standards of our premium coffee. The site not only provides a seamless shopping experience for new customers buying their first bag or coffee subscribers looking to update their subscription, but also showcases the cult classic mugs, tees and scroll-stopping blogs people crave as much as the caffeine. 

Creating a more efficient way to shop—one that could be enjoyed by any of our coffee drinkers, including  ourselves—was a non-negotiable goal with the redesign. “We started this project believing we’re at the precipice of the e-commerce renaissance, likely bringing all retail infrastructure under a microscope. So, we developed a sustainable foundation that will give us the creative flexibility to rethink and ideally redefine future direct-to-consumer norms,” — Will Critcher, Director of E-commerce

The site is most obviously a one-stop online shop for Death Wish Coffee, but it is also a resource for learning about all things coffee, and for connecting with the brand and the team who creates it.

“This is an opportunity to showcase the brand to the world. The new website is the first impression for many who are checking us out for the first time. If it takes them to the next step on the Death Wish Coffee journey, I’ll be happy.” — Mike Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A pinnacle user experience was paramount to the entire redesign, but so was maintaining a sense of community that has been our motto since we began in 2012. 

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