DWC x Dillon Francis

By Jeff Ayers — / The Biz

In case you haven't heard, Dillon Francis has released "Unconditional," the first track off his upcoming . British producer 220 KID and singer Bryn Christopher join Francis on the track, which features a happy and infectious sound. The cover photo for the song is of grandparents, and coupled with the lyrical content of the song, filmmaker Brandon Dermer wanted to create a music video that emulated the importance of family.

So Dillon Francis and actress Danielle King embrace some movie magic to transform them into an elderly couple who are still in love and enjoying life to its fullest—YOLO. Brandon Dermer wanted to create a behind-the-scenes video documenting the making of the music video and reached out to Death Wish Coffee to help him present it. You can watch the full length behind-the-scenes of "Unconditional" here.

Death Wish Coffee and Brandon Dermer actually have a lot of history together. In 2014, Brandon met CEO Mike Brown and was immediately drawn to the brand and the product. At the time, he was looking to do some more commercial work and ended up directing and producing of the first-ever internet commercials for the brand. Then in 2019, Brandon appeared on the company's podcast to talk about his connection to Death Wish Coffee and the creation of those commercials.


Since then, Brandon has gone on to film and direct more commercials and TV spots, along with creating music videos for artists like Neckrogoblikon, Diplo, and more recently, the Jonas Brothers. Speaking of Diplo, the pair worked with Dawson’s Creek star, James Van Der Beak,  to develop the TV series "What Would Diplo Do" that features Van Der Beak playing a fictional yet close-to-home version of the musician.

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