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Where can I find Death Wish Coffee in stores? 

Find Death Wish Coffee in a store near you here.

As you’ve heard by now, we’re going from online to in line all over the United States and will soon be available in a Walmart store near you.

We’re getting a lot of questions about our Walmart expansion, so let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk it through. Our national introduction into Walmart stores earlier this June is all transpiring from a major effort from Walmart to the commitment of sourcing an additional $250 billion in products made, assembled, or grown in the U.S. to help create jobs and sustainability. That's where we come into play.

A bag of Death Wish Coffee dark roast and a hand reaching for a mug of black coffee.

Where is Death Wish Coffee available in stores?

Since the conception of Death Wish Coffee back in early 2012, in addition to always making sure each and every experience you have with us is top-notch, we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure a couple of other things remained consistent as well. One of those is being as environmentally sustainable as possible — including using Fair Trade, organic coffee beans and 100% recyclable packaging. Another is by being actively involved in a number of charities—both local and national—to give back to the same communities that got us to where we are today.

We’ve also always put a major focus on sourcing American-made products as often as possible. I’d say we’ve done a bang-up job, too. Items such as our Deneen Pottery mugs, hand-thrown and kiln fired right in St. Paul Minnesota, our Diner Mug sets, pewter coffee scoop, our logo T-Shirts and our New Era hats, among others, are also made right here in the U.S.

Being that we are still a small business, this American-made movement means huge benefits in terms of growing our economy, improving efficiency, and by also providing tons of opportunity for employment all throughout the United States. It also means making the world’s strongest coffee accessible to towns across America by making it available on store shelves—including in SafeWay, ShopRite, Hannaford, Price Chopper, Wegman's, Market 32, and yes, Walmart. We're growing into different stories every day—find our full listing here

Why we decided to put Death Cups in Walmart

We understand wholeheartedly that Walmart is viewed as a marketplace giant, which is certainly a much different setting than the basement of a small coffee shop where Death Wish Coffee was born. But over the last couple of years, we've been hard at work to bring our small-town name to the next level and to hold steady by continuing to offer the very best of the best.

I know that this might not excite everyone as much as it excites this small team, but on behalf of all 31 employees here, we really appreciate your feedback on this and ultimately hope this progressive move doesn't keep you from staying caffeinated with us.

It was your support for who we were then that helped to get us to where we are today, and now, the stakes are much higher. We recognize that we need to keep striving for more in order to keep up and be sure that every new thing we put out is infinitely better than the last.

While this retail movement may mean big changes, some things will be sure to always stay the same—and that is our full-on commitment to making every experience you have with us, the absolute best it can be and most importantly, to keep making the world's strongest coffee.

If you have any questions for myself or the team, send us an email or give a call! We’re more than happy to help however we can. Thanks for taking this ride with me and the rest of the team. Talk soon!

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