Caffeine Critters: Inspired by You

By DeathWishCoffee — / The Biz

Why be a mere mortal when you could be a Caffeine Critter? 

You have made us laugh so hard we spit out our coffee.

Thank you for being a devoted community of wildly caffeinated fans who love our brand and our coffee—that’s the whole reason why we drag our tired a*ses out of bed in the morning. And that’s also why we want to celebrate you and your passion for Death Wish Coffee by immortalizing you for the ages.

Every time our coffee-drinking caffeinds write a review of their favorite blends, we are watching. We’re so thankful that you spend your coin on our coffee—AND you go the extra mile by leaving truly creative reviews.

You’re honest. Emotional. Funny. Inspiring. Badass. And funny AF. You continue to tell us how Death Wish Coffee transforms you.  So we want to show our appreciation and transform you—immortalize you—and your hilarious reviews.

Caffeine Critters: Batch 1

Inspired by you, real Death Wish Coffee drinkers and your reviews, are now limited-edition trading cards that take us back to the good ‘ole days—yes! the 90s are back! We've taken some of your reviews, that frankly made us laugh until we cried, and created characters based off them. Say hello to Caffeine Critters: Batch One.

Eye-Buldge Brad

The stoke is real. Catch the high-caffeine wave of Death Wish Coffee and behold the amazing ways it turns the tide on your days. 

A skeleton surfing in a mug of coffee with his eyes bulging out of his head.

Chase N. Rainbows

Inspired By: The World's Strongest Latte

The Review: "Sweet Jesus!!! It's like unicorns peed in this can. Pure magic."

The Caffeine Critter: John Eames aka Chase N. Rainbows

An overweight unicorn wearing jeans and peeing rainbow into a can of Death Wish Latte.

No Trim-Tim

Inspire By: Original Dark Roast Coffee

The Review: "Very tasty coffee, and I swear I could feel the hair on my head growing! Could possibly be a cure for baldness. I have shared Death Wish with friends and family and everybody loved it."

The Caffeine Critter: Timothy Ryan aka No Trim-Tim

A man covered in hair drinking a mug of coffee.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

While the day can be a grind—these highly caffeinated cards serve up much-needed nostalgia. They’re tradable, collectible, frameable, and instantly immortalize the reviewer in the cabinet of curiosities that is Death Wish Coffee.

So drink wisely, aka frequently, and who knows? Death Wish Coffee could have the power to transform you. Will you be the next Caffeine Critter?

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