Two old men escaped a nursing home to go a heavy metal music festival

By Death Wish Coffee — / The Archive

Let us introduce you to our heroes 

Thousands of people recently flocked to Germany for the world's largest heavy metal music festival — including two old men who escaped a nursing home to be there. They're officially our heroes. 

There are two things that we love here at Death Wish Coffee: Drinking strong coffee and blaring metal music all night long.

The Washington Post reports that the pair went missing from a retirement home in Dirthmarscher, about 25 miles away from the Wacken Open Air Festival, located near Hamburg. Why? They wanted to rock out, obviously.

It's unclear how much time they spent at the festival, which included Walking Dead on Broadway, Judas Priest, Arch Enemy, Cannibal Corpse, and Die From Sorrow. I think it's safe to say that it'd be worth escaping a retirement home to see this lineup.

The pair of old men, who aren't being identified, were found "disoriented and dazed" at the festival at 3 a.m. They were reluctant to go home, obviously. Who would want to leave?! As the Wacken Open Air Twitter account put it, you're never too old to rock. 

We're sitting here hoping that their identities will be made so we can properly honor these two badass heroes. We all want to be them when we grow up.

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