What you need to know about our upcoming Cold Brew release

By Shannon Sweeney — / The Archive

When will Death Wish Cold Brew be available?

A few weeks ago, we were super pumped to announce that we’d be releasing Death Wish Coffee Cold Brew this year. The response was crazy — we received tons of attention and questions on our social media platforms, in our customer service inbox, and more.

We want to keep you guys as updated as possible, answering as many questions as we can. While we don’t know answers to everything just yet, we’ll make sure you get an answer as soon as we do. Make sure to keep checking back on the blog for updates, and sign up through the email form to receive email updates.

Here are some questions we received so far, and what we know:

When will Death Wish Cold Brew be available?

We’ve been spending months making sure this product is the absolute best tasting cold brew out there. We did months of taste testing, can design, and more. The final result is three different cold brew flavors — Black, Sweetened Black, and a Cream and Sugar Latte.

The black and sweetened black cold brews are USDA certified organic — ensuring that they’re made with all-natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives. Making sure our products are USDA certified organic is a top priority for Death Wish as a company.

We’re still working on USDA organic certification for our Cream and Sugar Latte, so this particular cold brew will be released later in the year than the Black and Sweetened Black cold brew cans. Our Black and Sweetened Black cold brews will be available in the early spring (with a shelf life of one year), and our Cream and Sugar Latte will come later this year when we’re 100% confident that the product we’re giving you is the best it can be.

Where can I buy Death Wish Cold Brew?

Cold brew will be available for purchase in four packs on our website, and you can sign up to be notified the moment our cold brew is live through the email form below.

One of the biggest successes for our company in 2018 was our push into grocery stores across the United States. Our products are on thousands of store shelves, with more to come in 2019, and we’re hopeful that cold brew will be one of those products. While we don’t know exactly what stores our cold brew will be in, we’ll be updating our store locator to include what stores carry what products.

We’ll have more answers for you guys coming soon — including price, a specific release date, and more. Stay tuned! 


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