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How to make our original Round Lake Iced Coffee

Prep - 15 Minutes Cook - 5-10 Minutes 3-4 servings
Iced coffee , Barrel Brand , Lemonade
American Beverage

Barrel Brand coffee lemonade is the drink you need this summer

There's nothing better than sitting poolside with a cold drink in your hand. So when Lydni R. gave us an idea on our Facebook page, we had no choice but to try it. We saw an online recipe for coffee lemonade, but we wanted to make it our own. 

So we came up with the Round Lake Iced Coffee, named after the location of our headquarters in upstate New York. This recipe is simple — using our Barrel Brand whiskey coffee, we flashed brewed it and added lemonade and soda water for a refreshing fizz.


  • 1

    Flash brew your coffee in a Chemex

    Flash brewing is a quick way to make iced coffee — and you brew hot coffee right over ice in your Chemex. To do this, substitute 1/3 or 1/2 of your water ratio with ice. For this recipe, we used 425 grams of water, 240 grams of ice, and 40 grams of coffee. Heat water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, add filter and coarse coffee grounds, and brew for about 4 minutes. Get more on this recipe here

  • 2

    Fill Mason Jars or containers halfway with coffee

    Add ice and coffee to your containers and fill to about halfway. 

  • 3

    Fill 1/4 of the cup with lemonade

    Use your favorite lemonade (or freshly squeezed!) and fill 1/4 of the cup. 

  • 4

    Add soda water

    Adding soda water gives your drink a little kick — and it's unbelievably refreshing. You can also substitute with tonic water depending on taste. If you're looking to give the whiskey taste a kick, add your favorite whiskey to turn this drink into a cocktail.


  • Barrel Brand coffee
  • Chemex
  • Ice
  • Lemonade
  • Soda Water


You can easily substitute Barrel Brand coffee with your favorite kind of coffee. We used Barrel Brand to give it a strong, bold taste. You can also substitute flash brew with cold brew, too, if you have the time for it — find our full cold brew recipe here