Make Pumpkin spice coffee at home

By DeathWishCoffee — / Recipes

How do you make pumpkin spice coffee at home?

That time of year is rolling on into shore, right along-side the ocean’s current. Summer has only but a month left, and my taste buds are crawling with a pumpkin-flavored itch. Thoughts of warm, sweet, spicy scents are dancing in my head — the kind of scent that can transport you to another place in time and bring back memories just as warm. But where can I find the perfect cup? No cafés releasing the blend, yet? No problem. Here’s an easy way to make a truly superior cup of pumpkin spice coffee at home, as recommended by Izy Hossack’s Top With Cinnamon.

Who says it’s too early for pumpkin coffee? And the best part? It’s healthier than the average seasonal blends you see at the grocery store. The other best part? What with using just a few natural spices found in your everyday pantry, you now have a home-brewed Autumn treat that you can make hot or iced, all year round. You’re welcome, pumpkin. 

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