The World's Strongest Coffee Protein Shake

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Why You Should Power Up with a Coffee Protein Shake


Some people like to work out, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s to stay in shape and maintain a healthy body. Or maybe it’s just to get you swole on and look better naked. Either way, it’s cool. We’re not here to judge. 

No matter who you are, you probably want more protein. Pretty much every fitness magazine for the past two decades has told you that you need more of it. They actually have good reason: You do, in fact, need more protein.

At least most people do. Research published in the journal Nutrients found that, despite all the noise about protein, American consumption of this vital macronutrient has remained relatively unchanged since the dawn of the Millenium — and it’s low. That’s a problem, because protein consumption supports your muscle mass, bone health, and overall general awesomeness.

Well here’s some good news: You can get more protein with your coffee, and the result can be amazingly delicious. (Especially if you use the World’s Strongest Coffee in your mix.)

Three Perfect Times for a Coffee Protein Shake

  1. After a workout. Drinking protein soon after workouts is a time-honored tradition among athletes and bodybuilders alike. Research indicated there was a “narrow anabolic window” of about an hour after training when your body was more likely to build muscle, and therefore suggested that you ought to get yourself an omelet during it. The protein-plus-coffee combo is an ideal fit for this, especially if you work out in the morning. You can get your macros in order and caffeinate for the day ahead. Win-win.
  2. Before a workout.Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there,” later researchers said to post-workout protein enthusiasts. That anabolic window, they asserted, might be a lot wider than you think. And indeed, their work showed that protein can be consumed before a workout and still be helpful for muscle building. Pair up that protein with caffeine and you’ve got a magical mix that simultaneously helps you wake the F up and provides the nutrients you need to help construct bigger, stronger muscles. Plus: Caffeine is a proven workout enhancer. In fact, you know all those expensive pre-workouts on the market? They’re basically just caffeine, plus junk people try to convince you is magic pixie dust. It’s not. The caffeine is what matters.
  3. A mid-day pick-me-up. Most snacks are bullshit. You’ve seen enough vending machines to know this is true. The selections consist of various forms of chips and candy bars — i.e. empty carbs and bad chocolate. This is why people work at a desk for 25 years and come away with flabby pancake ass. You don’t need to be that person. A protein shake is a perfect way to stay on track, while coffee is just what you need to feign interest in the rest of your workday.

But wait, won’t protein ruin my coffee?

You might be wondering: Why should I mix my coffee, which is d*mn delicious, with protein supplements, which often are not?

A fair question. Answers include:

  1. Coffee protein shakes save you time.
  2. Coffee, being the magic elixir that it is, will make a lousy-tasting protein supplement far more tolerable. But also...
  3. You may be surprised how coffee plus the right protein can be stunningly delicious. Protein powders have come a long way. Chocolate flavored protein plus coffee is a tasty combo.

Warning: Save Yourself Valuable Dishwashing Time By NOT Doing This...

Whatever you do, do not be one of those people who scoops in the protein first. That’s a recipe for frustration, failure, and the annoying sensation of having to scrape your cup with a butter knife to try and get the caked-together protein off the bottom. Pour in some liquid, then add the powder. You’ll thank us later.

How to Make the World’s Strongest Protein Shake


You can make this mix with or without a blender. A shaker cup can be super helpful. A cocktail shaker works in a pinch.

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