How to get the best service at a coffee shop

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Have A Hangover? Here's The Fix.

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Here at the Death Wish HQ, we get a lot of emails and phone calls from cool companies looking to produce our merchandise. While it’s nice to place an order and get exactly what you’re expecting, it’s even more incredible to find someone that exceeds your every expectation. We’ve recently had the privilege of ordering handcrafted ceramic mugs from Deneen Pottery.

Deneen Pottery

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We are looking to team up with amazing people who have incredible talents and skills. If you excel in sports, music, art, or any other extreme profession, create a video showing us what you can do! Make sure you mention #FUELEDBYDEATH.

Fueled By Death

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Many of us celebrate the heck out of Saint Patties Day! What better way to salute St. Patrick
than with the drink of his homeland. You want to combine some of the finest Whiskey, the
World's Strongest Coffee and a little homemade whipping cream. Here is a little back story 
about where this genius drink descended from and how to make it. 

The Best Damn Irish Coffee

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Here are best tired driving tips to ensure their friends hit the road when they are alert and energized. Fatigue or tiredness can either be physical or mental. Exhaustion is a negative force that can be very debilitating when the conditions are severe. A person with fatigue feels that they lack energy and are weak. Irrespective of the cause of the fatigue (poor diets, stress and bacterial or viral infections are the major causes of fatigue), it can be combated in order to feel more energetic by altering one’s diet or even taking Death Wish Coffee.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Tired

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‘Tis easy to shop when your mate is a girl,
Give them flowers, or candy, or baked-goods, or pearls!
Send them to the salon for a new cut and dye,
But what do you do when your mate is a guy?

What do you get a guy for Valentines Day?

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