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Zakk Wylde's Most Insane Coffee Rants


It's no secret that Zakk Wylde loves coffee. Not only is he the creator of Valhalla Java, he also loves to post about it while going on hilarious rants on Instagram. If we had to guess, it's likely the power of Odin running through his veins, but either way the result is typically hilarious. 

1. That time he proved Valhalla was the destroyer of sadness. 



2. That time he made really weird noises while grinding it. 



3. That time he probably drank too much coffee and went on a rant about Brangelina. 



4. That time he drank Valhalla Java in a Viking cap while singing with a creep mannequin. 


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5. That time he lined up all of his Valhalla Java on the porch and grunted at it.