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You can live in this pirate ship for $29K and I'm about it

Buy this pirate ship house boat and set sail

If a pirate's life is for you (and let's be honest, who doesn't want to be a pirate?), now's your chance. Our logo may not be inspired by a Jolly Roger, but we appreciate all pirates ranging from One-Eyed Willy to Blackbeard himself.

Daniel Corder is selling a pirate ship house boat for $29,000, and it's being seen all over Facebook marketplace. It was posted as for sale in Virginia, but I'm assuming you can sail this bad boy anywhere you'd like. 

The pirate ship house boat comes with three bedrooms, two baths, and a ~literal~ skeleton crew. For $29,000 that's a steal. Who needs an apartment or house when you can live on a damn PIRATE SHIP??

If you're the lucky person who gets to make this dream a reality, please send us photos. And if you need any additional crew, our team is readily available — with coffee, of course. 

Take a look at what this pirate ship house boat is like below, and find the marketplace listing on Facebook here

Just picture yourself yelling at someone to scrub the poop deck. Feel the power. 


The only thing I see missing here is a plank that you can make your enemies jump off of. 

Sorry buddy, I'm the captain now.

Spend your nights getting three sheets to the wind in the captain's quarters while you're on "watch."

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