What Makes Death Wish the World's Strongest Coffee?

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

In July of 2010, Mike Brown went on a quest to find the world's strongest coffee. Aside from actually brewing coffee stronger by increasing the coffee to water ratio, the coffee industry had not found the perfect bean for those that wanted something with more force than the average cup. After more than a year of testing, tasting, and experimenting, Death Wish was created. What makes it the strongest?

Photo: This graphic, courtesy of the Huffington Post, compares caffeine content per cup of coffee for a number of brands across the United States. This photo has been edited from the original. 

1. The Blend of Beans

The coffee used in Death Wish is typically from India and Peru.
Because coffee is a plant, the crop is almost never the same (you may find similar results with a home garden). A coffee grown in one region may vary wildly year to year. For that reason, we are constantly sampling and testing coffees from all over the world. If a bean that we use is suddenly less strong due to climate, we will sample as many as thirty-five coffees to find the strongest. It is a never-ending process that we are proud to be a part of. 

2. The Roast 

Does dark roast or light roast have more caffeine than the other?
The caffeine in a bean is hardly dependent on roast shade, so we use a dark roast for an intense brew. Death Wish has taken the cake for the strongest coffee in the world in both caffeine and flavor, and the dark roast is partially responsible for the latter.
The roast of the bean is not as simple as "dark" or "light". We use a strategic roasting plan including time and temperature variation, and it plays a giant role in the flavor and caffeine content in the coffee. It is, in essence, our secret recipe that sets us apart from the others. 
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