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Meet the women of Death Wish Coffee Co.

Meet the women of Death Wish Coffee Co.

Let's get this straight: Women are goddamn powerful. And Death Wish is lucky to have four powerful women in our ever-growing company — today, we're recognizing them on International Coffee Day, where the theme is women in coffee. After all, it takes strong women to create strong coffee. 

The women of Death Wish are like our coffee: bold, highly caffeinated, intense, and black. Each of them brings their own strengths to this company, and we're thankful for them every day. Let's get to know each of them below. 

Shade One: Highly Caffeinated

Meet Teah Teriele, our Marketing Manager. She’s been filling her cup to the top ever since the birth of Death Wish and it won’t stop any time soon. Her highly caffeinated personality is just what we need to run a successful marketing team. She’s had her hands in raising Death Wish for quite some time now and goes above and beyond to keep everyone in the world up to date on who we are and what we’re all about. Teah, we appreciate you.

Shade Two: Bold

Meet Shannon Sweeney, our Content Manager. To say Shannon has set new boundaries at Death Wish would be an understatement. Shannon has pushed the limits in everything she has taken on — including spreading awareness for Riki Rachtman's ride for Stop Soldier Suicide and being a major player with Death Wish's involvement with the New York Chapter of the Special Olympics. She's responsible for managing and writing for our blog, and she's pretty damn awesome on our softball team, too. Shannon, we appreciate you.


Shade Three: Intense Flavor

Meet Kristine Wheeler, one of our amazing Customer Service Specialists. Talk about a problem-slayer. If you’ve ever had an issue with an order, you probably already know her. When it comes to making our customers happy, she’ll do whatever it takes. She adds some truly intense flavor to the team and keeps us on the edge of our seats. Kristine, we appreciate you.


Shade Four: Dark

Meet Sierra Meisser, our Online Reputation Manager. Sierra is one true rock star here at Death Wish, interacting with all of our loyal and extremely supportive community through social media. She welcomes anyone to the dark side in the blink of an eye and more often than not, you’ll find it hard to resist. She’ll lure you in and before you know it, you've turned to the dark side, too. If you’ve fallen under Sierra’s spell, there’s no going back. Beware of the dark side. We appreciate you, Sierra, and your dark side, too.

In short, the women of Death Wish are highly valued.

  • They're bold
  • They're highly caffeinated
  • They have intense flavor
  • They're dark

All together, they help make the world's strongest coffee