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Winter is coming and so is a ton of cool merch

Death Wish chocolate, beanies, mug hooks, and more coming soon

Halloween is over and it's time to start pulling winter clothes and those dusty holiday decorations out of storage. Before you know it, you'll be stuffing your face with turkey and stuffing stockings above the fireplace. 

If you're looking for gift ideas — or to treat yourself this holiday season — we have a TON of new merch coming out. Here's a rundown of our upcoming releases. Stay tuned for product photos and more releases!

Big Bundle Set

Okay guys — this might be the best gift you can get a coffee-loving family member this year. This bundle comes in a special box and includes a bag of Death Wish Coffee, a bag of Valhalla Java, and a bag of Bourbon Barrel Brand WITH MATCHING CAMPER MUGS.


Death Wish Chocolate Bars

Instead of plastic candy canes stuffed with stale candy, stuff your stockings with one of these bad boys instead (or keep them for yourself). We're working with Ethereal Confections to make a chocolate bar that has an imprinted skull and crossbones, and includes Death Wish Coffee, of course. 


Space Oddity Deneen Mug

Our next mug by Deneen Pottery is truly out of this world. Our 20+ ounce deep space mug is as black as the universe with a galaxy glaze that reminds you to always stay curious.


Mug Hooks

Our first-ever mug hooks are in the shape of a skeleton finger, has our skull and crossbones logo, and tons of fine detail. And it's extremely durable for any of your favorite mugs. 


Warm up with a cup of coffee and our latest Death Wish winter hat — a ribbed cuff knit beanie. Made with 100% Hypoallergenic Acrylic, this hat is one size fits all with a woven Death Wish label

Custom-branded kettle

Our branded kettle brings your favorite pour over coffee method to the next level. It has a water resistant thermometer, a heat-resistant handle, a matte black finish, and our logo, of course.

Diner Mug sets

Our next diner mug sets scream "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal." And they're in fun colors! The sets feature mugs that say:

  • "It's a wonderful life. After coffee." 
  • "Ah, nothing like the smell of freshly brewed magical psychotic rage stabilizer in the morning"
  • "Meet me under the mistletoe. And bring coffee."
  • "I run entirely on caffeine, inappropriate thoughts, and holiday cheer."

Frau Perchta mug set

Based on Southern Germanic and Austrian folklore, Frau Perchta appears with gifts as a goddess or as dark, old and haggard during the 12 days of Christmas. Her punishments aren’t for the faint of heart — she’ll disembowel you. This 15+ ounce unique mug set comes with one goddess mug and one Christmas witch mug. Give one as a gift, or don’t. We won’t tell her.

2019 mug

For real, where did this year go? But one good thing about 2018 ending is our 2019 Deneen Pottery mug, complete with our skull and crossbones logo. Stay tuned for pictures!

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