Why We Sell Out Of Our Mugs and Other Merchandise

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


Death Wish Family,

Let's start by saying this: we love you and you are the best community a company could ask for. Over the last month, we've had two extremely successful mug releases that sold out in mere hours. We were astounded. Your support and love of the brand never ceases to amaze us and we sincerely thank you for it. Unfortunately, the quick sale of the mugs left some of you who weren't able to snag one - understandably - upset. This is why we wanted to take some time to explain to you why our mugs sell out so quickly and what you can do to make sure you get one. 

Deneen Pottery in St. Paul, Minnesota is a small, family run business that hand throws each and every one of our custom mugs in their studio. All of the materials are sourced in the USA and extreme care and detail go into the finished product. Every mug is unique and made completely by hand. For each edition, we order anywhere between 500-3,000 and the team at Deneen works diligently to make sure they are completed by the release date.  

We are a small company that is rapidly growing, thanks to you and so we love supporting a business that puts just as much love into their products as we do. 

To make sure that you are up to date and never miss a sale here are some suggestions.

1. Sign up for our email list.

2. Text MUGS to 484848 to sign up for text-notifications. 

3. Listen to the Fueled by Death Cast.

4. Check the merchandise page early and often. 

5. Check out our Facebook Community Page

6. Consistently check our social media pages for updates. 

Though we can't guarantee dates on the products, we promise we will ALWAYS do our best to make sure you know when they are coming out. 

Thank you for your loyalty and your neverending quest to be as caffeinated as humanly possible. 


-The Death Wish Team  


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