What's ASMR and why does it make me feel like that?

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By Sophia Abbasi, Social Media Manager

The soft, melodic sounds of someone whispering. The tingling feeling you get when a drink is being poured over ice. Crunching, sipping, slurping, chewing. Millions of people love it. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response as it’s officially known, has a huge following — it’s growing and it’s making a comeback during quarantine. 

A close-up view of brown roasted coffee beans

ASMR refers to that sensation people get when they watch auditory-focused videos. ASMR video-makers create all kinds these videos, with a focus on soft whispering, eating, drinking, unboxing, touching, tapping, and anything else that makes sound. Those who experience ASMR will tell you that it feels like intense relaxation — like tingles down your spine or heightened senses putting you in a trance. People are even discovering the self-care qualities of ASMR during quarantine. 

Just see (or hear) for yourself: 

The rustling of coffee beans: 

The soothing process of a brew: 

A Chemex bloom in the works: 

A Death Wish Coffee cold brew being poured over ice: 


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