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Here's what we're releasing this fall

Fall is finally here, which means we're brewing up some awesome new merchandise for you guys. Here's a closer look at a few of our next releases, their release dates, and more.

Long sleeve T-shirt, sweatshirt, windbreaker and custom-branded kettle

All of these AMAZING products are coming over the next few months, and you have the chance to win them! Enter our contest below to win our long sleeve T-shirt, our sweatshirt, windbreaker, and a custom-branded kettle.

Hockey Jersey

One of the best parts of fall? The beginning of hockey season, obviously. This year, we're releasing our first-ever hockey jersey so you can represent the winningest team in coffee. Each comes with the number 12 on the back to highlight Death Wish Coffee Company's founding. Who needs to lift a Stanley Cup when you can lift a coffee cup instead? 

Our extremely limited hockey jersey will be available for $139.99 on Tuesday, October 9.