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Death Wish product releases in November 2019

Spooky season is over (tears) and the holiday season is fastly approaching. Ready or not, we have quite possibly the most exciting month ahead of us in terms of releases. From mug releases, new coffee products, new chocolate products, and more, you can get ahead on your holiday shopping — or simply treat yo self. 

Find out more details about our releases below, and stay tuned for release dates, product photos, and more. 

A black and red mug with a Thor and Valkyrie medallion sits on a desk 

Thor and Valkyrie Mug 

This is a mug our community has been asking for a while, and we're so excited to say that it's out next mug release. Valkyries — female warriors like Brunhilde, Eir, and Herja — are female helping spirits of the god Odin. They’re referred to in Norse mythology as the “choosers of the slain,” giving them the power to choose who’s admitted to Valhalla and who dies in battle. Thor, the thunder god, and son of Odin, wields the mighty hammer Mjolinir as the protector of Midgard. 

 A Death Wish On the Go kit sits on a table. This kit shows two mugs, a pack of coffee, and a canvas bag with a Death Wish logo

On the Go Kit 

There's nothing worse than sh*tty hotel coffee or *gasps* access to no coffee at all. Luckily, you now have our On the Go Kit to save you. This travel-sized kit comes with a 10-count box of single-serve pour-over coffee pouches (single use), 2 enamel mugs, and a canvas bag. All you need to do is add hot water. Directions come on each package — making it easy to use when you're on the road.

 A product photo of a black robe and matching slippers with the Death Wish Coffee skulls and crossbones logo

Robe and Slippers

Winter is coming, which means I'm not leaving my house for the next six months. Our black robe, made with 100% polyester fleece, and slippers will be your best friend this winter. Pour a cup of coffee, sit back, and ignore your responsibilities until winter is over. 

A product photo of Death Wish Coffee Co. Chocolate Rum Ball in a tan bag. This blend is made with Rum

Chocolate Rum Ball 

A holiday favorite is coming back soon. We all love coffee and we all love a little added holiday ‘spirit.' Now we can consume chocolate and the delectable flavors of Rum. Our most favored Barrel Brand Blends, Chocolate Rum Ball, is made by aging coffee beans in rum barrels from Albany Distilling Co., and it has a rich chocolate taste with hints of vanilla. It's finished with our signature Barrel Brand roasting process.  

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Have your coffee and eat it, too. Ethereal Confections is back with another product for us — chocolate covered coffee beans. More information and photos of this product coming soon!  

A stainless steel Christmas ornament of the Yeti

Yeti Christmas Ornament 

One of our favorite medallions is back, and this time, it's on a Christmas ornament. This ornament is stainless steel with our Yeti medallion engraved on it, so you can look at it on your Christmas tree all season long. 

A product photo of a black Death Wish Coffee Christmas Sweater

Ugly Sweater 

There really isn't anything ugly about this sweater, in my opinion. This Death Wish Coffee ugly sweater features our skull and crossbones logo, Krampus, and tons of other fine details. Another bonus? It's. so. comfortable. 

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