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Here's who won our giveaways this week

Free coffee for a month and a 2018 mug

It's Friday. The weekend vibes are setting in and it's about to get lit—and by "lit", I mean that little light on the coffee maker that lights up when the coffee is brewing. Every Friday, we draw one lucky winner from the pot to give away free coffee for a month and one of our 2018 Hammer mugs. That random winner this week is Kim Mariani! 

But who won the huge Fall merch giveaway?

This week was also the final chance to enter our giveaway for most of the merch and apparel that we're releasing this Fall. One person is about to get decked out in Death Wish gear, including our Death Wish windbreaker, this year's zip-up hoodie, and custom Death Wish Coffee matte-black kettle, a long-sleeve shirt, and a pound of strong coffee. Congratulations to John Park on taking home this awesome caffeine-infused bundle! 

How to win what's under that magic cloth ☝️

You might be wondering what's under that cloth and more importantly, how the heck can you win it? We've teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles to giveaway a Court of the Dead Premium Figure, Death: Master of the Underworld and a year-supply of coffee. This is a month-long giveaway that runs until November 9th, 2018. You can enter win this Court of the Dead X Death Wish Coffee giveaway here

And enter to win Free coffee for a month below

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