It's wear your pajamas to work day — if you're working from home, that's basically every day

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Put on your favorite pajamas before logging into Zoom today

A lot of people who are accustomed to having to commute into an office wearing business work clothes will appreciate that today is Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. If no one can see you on screen, or only from the waist up, does it even matter if you “attend that meeting in pajama bottoms”?

A man wearing black Death Wish Coffee sweatpants while drinking coffee on his couch

We say go for it, as we adjust the belt on our super comfy Death Wish Coffee Robe after spending the however many days it’s been now locked down and left alone, with chocolate.  No judgments — we're all doing the best we can with what we have.

According to Punchbowl, this fun holiday normally falls on the weekday after taxes are due because an ultra-casual day is a perfect way to recover, but we are all living under unique circumstances this April 16th, aren’t we?

Pajamas, were originally known as pyjamas, can be traced back to the Persian word for “leg garment” hundreds of years ago. During the 17th century, British colonists adopted this article of clothing from India and brought it to England where it became known as “Lounging attire.” Eventually, the articles of clothing known today as pajamas were brought to the United States and continued to grow in popularity as the years passed.

We’ve all seen people’s serious commitment to wearing anything comfortable to them that usually results in them making their appearance sporting their favorite pair in any public place – Anywhere activewear, pajamas or scrubs are allowed to be worn, someone is guaranteed to show up wearing them and likely to be any one of us. Comfort is king, baby!

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