National Virtual Vacation Day

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Escape reality with National Virtual Vacation Day

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Escape is imminent because it’s National Virtual Vacation Day. So, where to?

A cappuccino in a mug sits on a beach near the water

Virtual vacations are awesome because they don’t require money, packing, planning, or the stress of traveling. Imagination, free VR apps and perhaps a VR headset is all that is needed to be placed somewhere else for a little while. Dream big and let your imagination soar from the comfort of your armchair, of course.

Vacations do amazing things to recharge minds, bodies, and souls — even if it's just pretending. So why not escape somewhere for free today using the power of technology and your brain?

Watch videos of your dream destination, look at photos, and close your eyes and try to picture yourself there.

Being away and escaping anywhere is great this time of year and it sure beats being at that afternoon video meeting that your boss called at the last minute, anyway.

In conclusion: Don't bother me — I'm on a beach in the Cayman Islands right now.

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