The force is strong with these Star Wars video meeting backgrounds

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Star Wars computer backgrounds for your next video meeting

By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Greetings from Hoth? Well, maybe. Tryout these Star Wars backgrounds that let you choose to be “dialing in” from a galaxy far, far away. Nothing says “yet another unnecessary meeting that should’ve been an email” like joining in from Jakku, Coruscant, or Exegol.

Using Zoom, click the "Settings" icon in the top right corner, then look for "Virtual Background." Add the images you wish to use, and Zoom will select these for your background at lightspeed.

Star Wars isn’t the only gig in town, however, and the background possibilities are endless. Fans of The Simpsons can call from the couch. “Employees” of Dunder Mifflin can find a spot at The Office. There is even the entrance to Jurrasic Park waiting because meetings “find a way”.

Get creative, have fun, and express yourself in this world of “virtual togetherness”.

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