All The Anti-Valentine's Day Products We're Releasing Because Love Is Dead

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

It may not seem like it but Valentine's Day is actually the best. It's the perfect day for a cynical person to let their angry flag fly. Think about it, if you're not for the day this is the best day to let everyone know just how much you hate it. So in celebration of all things anti-Valentine's, we're releasing a few incredible products for the occasion. If you do have a Valentine and want to celebrate anyway... these things should work for that occasion too. 

1. Cherry Bark:  

A favorite is back for a limited time. The World's Strongest Coffee with chocolate and cherries. Coming soon. 

2. 'Til Death Do Us Part patch:

Ahead of our Blood and Bone Valentine's Day Mug set releasing soon, every person who orders on Golden Ticket Day (1/18) will receive this "'Til Death Do Us Part" patch.

3. Valentine's Day Mug Set: 

YES, that's right, two mugs, different colors all for you. Perfect as a get but better to keep for yourself. Coming soon! Enter for a chance to win all three below.

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