Halloween ugly sweaters are a thing if you want to feel festive AND spooky

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Don't know what to be for Halloween? Just get an ugly sweater

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Feeling festive? No, not for Christmas. It’s way too early for that. We must revel inside the season of the witch first.

A group of girls sit around a Ouija board wearing Halloween sweatersiPhoto: Halloween Costumes

To help get into the “spirt”, maybe an ugly Halloween sweater or dress shirt is a good option? Diply thinks so and is even encouraging people to throw their own ugly Halloween sweater party. Don’t “people” if you don’t have to, but alas sometimes we must get dressed and face the world.  

These sweaters allow working adults to participate in the fun of dressing up in Halloween attire for work and staying appropriate. Let’s face it, some of us are too lazy to put in a whole lot of effort these days, so this is sounding like a solid way of ranking higher than you did previously on the year-end review we all know is coming. You already know the boss is going to tell you that they need “more office participation” from you. We applaud minimum efforts that reap big rewards.

These ‘uglies’ and can be worn for 31+ days if you stick to autumn traditional patterns  – think simple Fall designs, folks. Just think, you can look spooky and kooky at the same time.

For those of us who feel dead on the inside, now at least there’s the option of wearing something that screams it to the world – available for us to put on and wear appropriately.

Take a look at the sweaters here

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