16 Tiger King memes to start your week off right

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Tiger King memes that accurately describe what it's like to watch it 

By Sophia Abbasi, Social Media Manager

If you’ve haven’t watched the bingeable Netflix series “Tiger King,” chances are you’ve still heard about it. For those of you who have seen it, and, like us, binged it while quarantining, you probably have just as many unanswered questions as we do.

A Tiger King meme from social media

Did Carole really feed her husband to tigers? What happened to all those big cats? Is it true that Netflix is releasing a new episode next week? How many more husbands did Joe Exotic have? And did Jeff Lowe really hire that hot nanny?

We can’t answer those — but we can share the best memes from Tiger King that are helping fill the void while the series is over.

This is beyond accurate.



Joe Exotic's country music > Frozen 2 soundtrack.

We see you, Shaq.

Another thing sold out during this quarantine: Sardine oil.

That's $14.99 I'll never see again.

Okay but seriously I didn't think about this one until now.

That's the tea.


Totally normal, tbh. 

This idea is genius and also helps fuel my online ordering habit.

Anyone still have these lying around?

The drip truly never takes a backseat.

The plot thickens.

The accuracy thoooo.

At least we're all on the same page.

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