This show is a must see for dog lovers: It's A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Legendary voice actor, Bill Farmer, is lending another of his many talents to a new show that recently debuted on Disney+ called “It’s a Dog’s Life”. Farmer is best known for being the modern-day voice of Goofy, but this new venture as the show’s host and co-producer shows us that Farmer is still “top dog”.

The premiere episode had us “sit” and “stay” while we took a look at and learned so many new tricks that some unique companions are doing – this show truly has us questioning why humans think we are smarter and who is actually training who here.

This documentary series gives “proper introductions” to all types of truly hard-working dogs. All types of dogs from mixed breeds to purebreds are included whose jobs are to aid humans in truly specific and unique ways.

On this initial “incredible journey” hosted by Farmer and led by various good boys and girls of the canine genus world, we “detect” all types of canine-related things that include sensing Orca whales solely by the smell of their poop, the serious business of herding sheep, some helpful tips and tricks for dog owners, and the heartwarming tale of heroism by one little lady who “ruff” start in life changed when she was adopted and found her “calling” of helping pediatric dental patients to feel at ease. Aww, gawrsh!

These dogs are amazing with Farmer leading the pack. Happy tails and high fives all around.

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