This person just scored a month's supply of the world's strongest coffee

Have you entered to win free coffee for a month yet? 

Winning a month's supply of the World's Strongest Coffee is almost too easy. Seriously. Simply enter your name, email, hit that little red button and you're in. 

Winners are drawn every Friday afternoon at 3 PM on our Facebook Live. You can tune in, find out if you won, and if you didn't win — well, at least you can make that one "that's not how you spell my name!" joke. 
This week's winner is Cheryl Ross! 


It doesn't end there, though. We have more giveaways happening right now, including the chance to score a Death Wish Coffee hockey jersey and a giant bundle of all of the merch we're releasing this fall. Get the full rundown of our giveaways on our contests page.