This man has never seen Star Wars — until now

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

This guy went his entire life and never saw a single “Star Wars” movie in the main Skywalker saga, until quarantine. It’s the little things, right? In fact, it was the little things that helped push the occasion of viewing for the 38-year-old discover one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

CNBC recants how their own Technology Reporter, Alex Sherman, drummed up the idea to binge-watch all nine movies on Disney+ in quarantine while surrounded by “two young boys and a brand new baby that needed night feedings”, after people encouraged him to do so with, “Watch them with your kids!” and “Your kids will love them! And you will too!”

Sherman skirted by 43 years of movie references such as “I am your father” and couldn’t weigh in on if Greedo or Han shot first, because “I’m not naturally drawn to sci-fi action movies. If these types of movies were my thing, I would have watched them already.”

Sherman decided to give all nine a go and his editor, Matt Rosoff, added to the watching assignment. He wanted Sherman to review each movie as he watched them — in theatrical release order, naturally.

Reading each of his takeaways from each is hilarious and summarizes 43 years in the making of an adult experiencing the Star Wars saga through novice eyes. But did he like them?

“In the end, I’m glad I watched these movies. But I don’t think they are worthy of the mass cultural sensation they are. If you’re going to watch a series of PG/PG-13 fantasy films, I think the “Harry Potter” movies are much better. But now I’ll understand everyone’s references for the rest of my life. Or, at least, until I forget what happened in each of these movies.

And guess what?

I already have.”



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