This Japanese-style Iced Coffee Recipe will become your favorite drink

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Got 10 minutes and want to add some culture into your cup as the weather is heating up? Japanese-style iced coffee just might be what you’re mug needs.

This coffee style is also known as flash-brewed coffee and ice brew and is similar to making cold brew, yet different. The hot coffee melts the ice, which dilutes the coffee to the ideal strength and also cools it down immediately. This method is different than making cold brew, which makes a big batch of concentrated coffee and requires more preparation and space in the refrigerator. This flash-brew method also locks in instant flavor, as well, in just 10 minutes, including water boil time.

(Photo from Karl Fredrickson via Unsplash)

No planning ahead needed.

BonAppetit explains how to brew this method in a few easy steps.

“To do it, I follow the platonic coffee to water ratio of 1:16 except that I replace some of that water with ice. To make two large servings of coffee, I use 165 grams ice315 grams hot water, and 30 grams coffee. (You can easily scale this down for a pour over.)

As the water heats up, I grind the coffee beans to medium fine, like coarse salt; these grounds are much finer than what I’d use for cold brew and a little bit finer than for a regular pour over, too.

Next, I weigh the ice into my Chemex and put the coffee into the filter (I use a metal filter but if you’re using paper, you’ll want to put it over the Chemex and flush it with hot water before adding the ice). I pour a little of the hot water over the grounds, let them be for 45-ish seconds to bloom, then pour the rest of the water over top slowly and in circular motions. I know I should let this take about 3 minutes, so I try to distract myself by scrolling through my phone or sweeping the floor between pours.

Once I reach 315 grams of hot water, I swirl the Chemex around to melt any remaining ice, then pour the coffee over a glass of fresh ice and drink it in about 30 seconds flat (you can sip slower, though).”

Boom Roasted.

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