This is the origin of trick or treating

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What're the origins of
trick or treating? 

Is there really anything better than putting on a costume and parading around your neighborhood stuffing free candy into your pillow case, then passing out three hours later from a sugar coma? Nope (besides coffee, obviously). 

Trick or treating, in our opinion, is one of the best traditions out there. We know the phrase as basically saying "Give me candy or I'll mess up your house." Kidding (maybe — but when you put it that way it is kind of threatening).

But where did this tradition begin? There are tons of different theories dating back to Ireland and Britain in the Middle Ages to the belief that the dead come back to roam the earth and we leave out treats to appease them. 

"Trick or treat" as a phrase and tradition really started appearing in pop culture during the 1930s, and really took off during the 1950s thanks to  Charles Schulz's creation of Peanuts. 

On this week's Roast during Fueled by Death Show, Jeff and Dustin break down these theories and traditions, talk about some of their favorite Halloween memories as kids, and talk about why having an age limit for trick or treating is dumb (looking at you, Virginia). 

Watch The Roast Below, and check out this week's full show here


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