This farmer starts his morning with a cup of coffee and his cow best friend

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Not many wake up before the sun to get the day started, but for farmers, this is customary and all in a good day’s work. However, for one farmer, his day begins at the kitchen window, and it’s nothing more than business as moo-sual.

Fox News reports that “impatient pet cow moos loudly at farmer’s window every day for morning hug.”

Moo-ve it on over here, cowboy.

It’s not every day that a cow shows up at your window, mooing to get your attention to say “hello” and give you a hug! There are just certain things you get out of bed for, and a sweet cow wanting some attention would definitely make that list. 

Jenna is a rescued dairy cow. Farmer Ryan Phillips found the perfect home for her at “Life With Pigs,” his non-profit farmyard animal sanctuary when she was just three days old. Jenna’s life was spared by Phillips taking her in, as she was born infertile and therefore unable to produce milk.

Under Phillips’ care, Jenna and the farmer built an extraordinarily strong bond. To put it simply,  their connection is “udderly” amazing.

Phillips said, "We are truly best friends and she's definitely just as much family as any human could be."

Jenna is about two years old now, but look at this Facebook video from when she was tiny that shows her trying to teach the farmer a thing or moo.

Here’s to life on the farm.

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