There's a spy in your coffee shop, probably

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Vice: Spies prefer settings of coffee shops and diners

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Do you really know the person who is sitting behind you in the booth? Sure, they look innocent enough just hammering away at their keyboard or seemingly curled up comfy, reading a book, but they could be anybody.  It could all be a ruse and they could be actually listening to the conversations all around the busy coffee shop or greasy spoon.

A photo of a woman peering over the top of a brown booth in a diner

Before you assume anything, you might want to plan your next move very carefully.

According to an article by Vice, CIA agents and spies prefer the settings of coffee shops and diners. Those whereabouts might be a good place to start if you’re looking to recruit one. Words such as “Infiltrator,” “Mole” or “Operative” won’t be searchable for Human Resources recruiters or by qualified candidate job seekers looking to land a match. Nope — landing a job as a Secret Agent takes a special kind of meeting. It is all about two things: will and need.

In a piece for NPR's The Salt, Nina Martyris spoke with two former CIA operatives who said that yeah, they worked out of restaurants often.

"Restaurants and cafés are in many ways the lifeblood of espionage," former spy Amaryllis Fox said in the article. "Restaurants offer the opportunity to meet the people we most seek — those with access to a government or groups that might be able to help us predict or prevent the next attack. Sometimes those meetings are accidental. Mostly, they are planned to look accidental."


The next time someone spills their cup of coffee or acts like they’re having an awkward first date, take a ride in your mind that it could be an undercover meeting going down right in front of your cup! This means you’re going to have to be forced to also experience seeing the latest trends of disgrace or from hearing that guy on the hidden Bluetooth.

Yeah baby, yeah!

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