The Janitor & The Executive

By Michael Brown — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

 Two of a three set series, these videos completely capture the essence of Death Wish Coffee. Whether you are a Janitor cleaning toilets or an executive working long office shifts, Death Wish has something to show you. 







Our good friend Brandon Dermer captured and produced these incredible stories for us. They are short yet encompass the true essence of our mission here at Death Wish....To make the best of every situation and live life to the craziest!

You may know Dermer from some of his other works: Major Lazer-Scare MeStarted as a baby along with many other Jon Lajoie shenanigans and the world famous Nekrogoblikon No One Survives music video. 

We asked Brandon to answer a few questions for us about the making of The Janitor and The Executive.



First off, how much coffee do you drink a day?

Well, before drinking DeathWish, 4 cups a day... minimally. Post Deathwish, 1 to 2 cups max. No joke.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I went to college at Columbia College Chicago. After school, I packed up and moved out west to Los Angeles. With that said, I still wear my Midwestness on my sleeve and I won't eat the crap pizza they make out here. Deep dish for life.
What was the last video you released before the Death Wish commercials?
I put out a music video for Major Lazer starring Terry Crews, Blake Anderson and Nick Kroll. That was a hoot. 
Tell us about writing/directing the commercials.
I wanted to create something that was metal, hilarious, powerful and palatable... much like Death Wish Coffee.
Where did you shoot the commercial?
We actually shot at Starburn Industries, which is James Fino, Dan Harmon, Joe Russo II, and Dino Stamatopoulos joint. If you don't recognize these names, their the minds behind Community, High School USA, Morel Orel and MUCH more. Google them and let your jaw drop. 
 Tell us about the music in the spots.
Nekrogoblikon.. the best goblin metal band of all time. Last year I wrote and directed their music video No One Survives ( ). The track in the commercial is called Powercore, you can see the live music video I shot for the track on tour with them in Europe this summer (  ). Google them too and let your jaw drop.
 Random techy question, what kind of camera did you shoot on?
We shot on the Red Epic.
How much Death Wish was consumed on set? 



So here are the first two of three videos we hope you love. Come back for more. Also if you have any questions or comments about the videos post them below.


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