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By Megan Dority — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Winter is coming

December is finally here and we're feeling merry and brightdespite 2020 being one big dumpster fireWith the holidays right around the corner, we’re super pumped about the new merch rolling out this month. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, annoying coworker, BFFL or yourself, we have the best gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

REMINDER: Order ASAP to get the goodies by Christmas. 

The Reaper of Kitchens Combo 
Whether you’re grilling coffee-crusted pork chops, or just washing your Chemex so it’s ready for the next round, our Never Burn Coffee Apron is the go-to for keeping clothes fresh as you brew bottomless cups. Got a spill? Covered in skulls and lightning bolts, our Coffee Towel easily cleans up the tears of your enemies and other household spills. An ideal gift set for the holiday host, the foodie, or the friend who desperately needs cooking lessons. Bon appétit! 

Dog sitting on a Coffee Roots Cozy Blanket

Coffee Roots Cozy Blanket 
2020 may not seem quite so harsh when you’re drinking coffee wrapped in this—a microfleece blanket that’s as dreamy-soft as the fluffy clouds encircling Valhalla. Bold as your taste in coffee, the colorful design was inspired by the many coffee farm locations that we support worldwide. It’s DWC-approved for horror movie marathons, amnesia-like naps, spooky camping trips, or just another cozy layer on the bed. And it makes a thoughtful gift for anyone on the gift list—because “too many blankets” just isn’t a thing. 

Man wearing a Death Wish Flex Fit Hat

Flex Fit Hat 
Our Death Wish Coffee New Era Fitted Hat leaves little wiggle room for BS—literally. With a stretch-fit closure, this hat is perfect for any adventure, even if it’s simply sneaking away from the relatives as soon as the dinner table convo turns political. 

EMPOWERmint Self-Care Kit on the side of a tub

EMPOWERmint Self-Care Kit 
Release your inner bada*s with our self-care line. Peppermint-scented and coffee-infused—the self-care line is like a cup of our OG roast for your whole body. Our EMPOWERmint self care line includes soap, body scrub, body cream and lip balm, packed in a forever fresh to death cosmetic bag that makes an easy gift for them, or for you. Plus, it’ll leave your bathroom smelling like an ice cream shop.   

Man wearing a Death Wish snapback hat

Snapback Hat 
Our latest snapback New Era hat is the perfect hat to wear for style or when you want to hide from everyone. Throw this iconic hat on, hide from your enemies, or simply go out looking fresh to death. It’s also the perfect gift for your brother who's struggling to mask his hangover Christmas morning.  

Man wearing a Death Wish Power Polo

Power Polo 
Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, this black polo is a wardrobe staple. The subtle Death Wish Coffee logo stitched so delicately on the front will turn heads. It could also make the perfect gift for that special bro in your life. Most importantly, this polo has plenty of stretch for movement whether that means you’re getting active or helping yourself to another round of stuffing. 

Man wearing a Death Wish Dad Hat

Dad Hat 
Our latest dad hat isn't just for dads, but you're encouraged to make as many dad jokes as you want while wearing it. Our new Death Wish Coffee New Era Adjustable Hat is the perfect companion for those who don't feel like doing their hair (aka everyone). 

Woman wearing a Death Wish Sweatsuit SZN
Sweatsuit SZN 
Give the gift of comfort this holiday season with our matching Death Wish Coffee sweatsuit. Perfect for WFH-ing, Netflix & chilling, emergency TP runs, and the dreaded Zoom workout classes. A set that’s so fresh, even the Grim Reaper’s ditching the robe.   

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