The American Revolution: The Battles of Saratoga and our next mug

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


At Death Wish Coffee, we take great pride in the fact that the company started in Saratoga Springs, a beautiful town in upstate New York that has deep roots in the history of our nation. The Revolutionary War laid the groundwork for the freedom of the American nation from the rule of the British Empire. The turning point of the entire war happened right in our backyard, in what is now the Saratoga National Historical Park, in the fall of 1777.

Death Wish Coffee's commemorative Revolutionary mug

So we couldn't be happier to release our fall 2020 mug with a medallion depicting those battles, the American and British Forces, and the sprawling Saratoga Battle Monument in the background. It feels very special to be so close to such an important moment in history, and with this mug, you can honor those incredible events as well.

We are also partnering with the Saratoga Veteran's Service Agency and Trust Fund, and proceeds from your purchase will be donated to this amazing organization. In 2010, The Saratoga Veterans Trust Fund was established to accept donations and make disbursements to Saratoga County Veterans or their families for training, education, health care, housing assistance, and essential services. The men and women of our armed forces from this area continue to fight for our nation, and your mug purchase can help.

Illustration of warfare at the Battle of Saratoga

What truly made this the site of such a pivotal point in our history? Fighting between the American rebellion and the British Empire had been going on for a few years, and in the summer of 1777, General John Burgoyne captured Fort Ticonderoga and marched the British army south towards Albany.

On Septemeber 19, Burgoyne met the American forces head-on, led by Major General Horatio Gates, in the first of two battles on the farmland near Saratoga. That first encounter, known as the Battle of Freeman's Farm, drove the American forces back among the trees on the nearby bluffs as the Britsh continued to dig in.

On October 7, the fighting forces came to a head once more, but this time the Americans had the upper hand. With reinforcements, their forces swelled to over 13,000 men, including the invaluable 500 sharpshooters known as Morgan's Riflemen, and the heroic Major General Benedict Arnold. (Arnold would later go on to betray the American's and be forever branded a traitor to our nation.)

John Trumbull's "Surrender of General Burgoyne"

General Burgoyne became the first Britsh officer to surrender in the field on October 17, 1777, and the whole world took notice. The nation of France in particular saw the potential of the American's cause and sent troops and a much needed naval support to the war, which turned the tide and allowed for full victory to be declared in Yorktown four years later in 1781.

The Battles at Saratoga will be forever remembered in history at the turning point in the American Revolution. Now enjoy this accompanying video detailing the events of the battles and a beautiful look inside the Saratoga Historical National Park.

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