From all of us here at Death Wish Coffee, thank you

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Thank you to our caffeinated community for everything you do

It's the time of the year again where we're reflecting on what we're thankful for — and we have a lot to reflect on for the past year. We've added to our team, created brand-new products, and launched into more grocery stores nationwide. 

A group photo of the Death Wish Coffee team standing outside our warehouse

But no matter how much we continue to change and grow, we're always thankful for the same thing year over year — you. And we wanted to make sure we take a minute this holiday season to say thanks.

Without you as part of our caffeinated community, we wouldn't get to do what we do each and every morning. Day in and day out, we're constantly thinking of what we can do as a company to make your day a little brighter — whether that's providing the best damn cup of coffee out there (no matter how it's brewed), a new favorite hoodie to keep you warm, or just talking to you about what's going on in your life. I speak for all of us at Death Wish Coffee today when I say that without you, we wouldn't be nearly where we are today.

The Death Wish team stands with friends and families at the 2019 family picnic

We're thankful that we're part of your everyday life. You have absolutely no idea how much it means to us to hear that you wake up with Death Wish Coffee every day — that it helps motivate you to kick ass no matter what your day has in store. You're getting out there and grinding it out each and every day, and you deserve a cup of coffee (or multiple) to help you along the way. No matter if you're a teacher, a service member, a stay-at-home parent, a policeman, a truck driver — the list goes on and on — we're absolutely honored to be a part of your day-to-day grind.

We're thankful that you share your stories with us. Hearing how our product affects your life brings a smile to all of our faces daily. We hear about our coffee makes deployed military members feel like they're home, about how a single parent relies on our coffee to help them work that extra night shift, or about how our coffee even helped someone find sobriety. These are the stories that keep us motivated and dedicated as a team, and we can't thank you enough for opening up and sharing these stories with us.

A photo of Holly Snyder standing with Mike Brown, the owner of Death Wish Coffee
Photo: Holly Snyder stands with CEO Mike Brown

We're thankful for our loving community. The Official Death Wish Coffee Community Page, started by members of our caffeinated community, is truly something special. We see friendships flourish between people who haven't even met in person, but they've formed a bond that will last a lifetime. We scroll through posts about people sending each other surprise care packages, supporting each other when someone may not have extra cash for a mug release, and SO much more. We see lifelong friendships form over a shared love for Death Wish Coffee — that's priceless.

We're thankful that you push us to be better. You push us to be better with everything we do — no matter if it's a merch release, a product release, or something else. Some of our most successful product releases started from the idea of one person reaching out to customer service. If we miss the mark on a product, you make sure to let us know so we can take that feedback and make it right. This pushes us to be on our A-game every day.

A care package of coffee, letters, and merch laid out across a table at a military station overseas
Photo: Care package contents from Operation Sandbox

We're thankful for what you do for us. Whenever we announce a charitable initiative, you're right there to support us. From donating to St. Jude, Special Olympics New York, K9s for Warriors, the Claddagh Fund, and more, the amount of support we get from you guys is unbelievable. Because of you, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to those who need it most. And beyond that, our community is constantly working together on their own initiatives to raise money for charity or to send care packages to troops overseas through Operation Sandbox.

A group of Death Wish employees and community members pose for a photo at a Cold Brew event
Photo: Ryan Pomeroy, center, stands with the Death Wish team at our 2019 Cold Brew launch party. 

We're thankful to have you as part of our lives. From wishing a member of our team a happy birthday to sending us care packages, or just messaging us to say hi, we're so thankful to have each and every one of you in our lives. You make our jobs that much more enjoyable — we truly consider you as part of the Death Wish family!

From all of us here at Death Wish Coffee Company, Happy Thanksgiving! Mugs up to an amazing holiday season. 


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